Adison and August Share Their 2018 Summer Night Routine

Drums please! My kids have reached the tender age (7 and 9) when they can put themselves to bed without adult supervision. *Praise dance!!! Don't get it twisted. I still have to interrogate them about how well they've brushed their teeth. Especially the little one (August). She doesn't want to get all up in there and get every tooth, so I have to inspect her grill like she's a canine at the vet. *Insert long deep sigh. But I'll trade that extra step any day over breaking my back to bathe them. 

I remember the good ol' days when they were so tiny that I could wash their little bodies comfortably in the kitchen sink, and then as their limbs elongated, they graduated to the bathtub. After several years of getting sucked into the fun of it all (bath toys, bubbles, and Solange's Baby Jamz - bathtime was so lit!), my back was like GIRRRLLLLL what are we doing sis? 

So I retired my hands on bedtime supervision and now they are pretty hype to share how they get ready for bed during the summer solo. 

Kids - Do you do any of the same things at night as Adison and August? Tell us which sister's routine matches yours the most. We can't wait to see your responses! xo

Parents - Today's post immediately reminds me of my favorite warm weather track. "Summertime" is a classic that will never disappoint my Hip Hop loving ears and my mission to prove that I know every single lyric. Battle me. I dare you! lol

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Aeshia Branch